In 2004, DFC signed an agreement with 13 regional branches of DEC to complementarily develop the power market at Sanya.

In 2004, DFC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfang Electric Corporations Materials Company, confirmed Dongfang DFC as the Deyang brach of DEC Materials Company to be in market competition.

In 2005, DFC obtained the 1SO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

In 2005, DFC signed a supply contract of DFSTW spare parts with Qianbei Power Plant of Guizhou Xidian Electric power Co. Ltd.

In 2006, DFC signed a supply contract of DFSTW spare parts with Nine Dragon Paper Dongguan branch (Hong Kong-owned).

In 2006, DFC reached a strategic partnership with 707 Institution.

In 2007, DFC started the cooperation with ABB of bearings research and development.

In 2007, DFC undertook China CNR Corporation’s project of the generator retaining rings on CRH traction engines.

In 2005, DFC obtained the 1SO9001: 2005 quality system certification.

In 2009, DFC cooperated with Beijing Institute of Technology and CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. on researching and testing insulation materials for wind power.

In 2009, together with Xi'an Jiaotong University, DFC completed the research and experiment of the 3rd generation nuclear pump water lubricated bearings, and of the new bearing metal material and technology.

In 2009, DFC jointly developed the 2.5th generation nuclear pump hydraulic test device with Nuclear Power Institute of China, Dongfang AREVA, and 707 Institution.

In 2010, DFC completed the localization experiment of bearings for high-speed grinder together with Chongqing Hengbo Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

In 2010, DFC studied and developed new insulating materials with Tsinghua University Shenzhen Branch.

In 2011, three Siemens employees from the Germany headquarters visited our company for the cooperation of mill sliding bearings.

In 2011, DFC cooperated with Siemens Control System Department on the project of large hydropower station transformers.

In January, 2013, DFC started the cooperation with Fruider India of DSFW spare parts.

In March, 2014, Mr. Gopal from India INCH Engineering has visited our company.

In April, 2014, Mr. Heri from Indonesia PT.ADOR has visited our company.

In June, 2014, DFC won the bid of the stator inspection project of 600MW generator units of Guizhou Faer power Plant.

In January, 2015, DFC provided DEC spare parts for Vietnam Electricity IDICO power plant.

In May, 2015, DFC became an authorized distributor of Shanghai Xinli Machinery Plant under the Ministry of Space Industry of PRC.

In June, 2015, Mr. Ivan from ALSTOM Ltd. visited our company.

In June, 2015, DFC won the bid of the generator collecting rings and manually wrapping insulation project of Guizhou Xishui power Plant.