Hot sale Dongfang yoyik LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3

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Hot sale Dongfang yoyik LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3

The LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3 converts mechanical measurement of liner movement into electrical power. Through this principle, sensors measure and control displacement automatically. So it is widely used in industrial productions, defense constructions, research institutes and other aspects.

 LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3

HTD Series Sensor Specifications




Linear range

0~1000mm, 12 sizes

0~800mm, 16 sizes


±0.3% full stroke

±0.3% full stroke

Operating temperature

-40~150íŠ (conventional)

-40~210íŠ (high temp)

-40~150íŠ (conventional)

-40~210íŠ (high temp)

Coefficient of sensitive



Lead wires

three Teflon insulated sheathed cable, outside stainless steel sheathed hose.

six Teflon insulated sheathed cable, outside stainless steel sheathed hose

Vibration tolerance

20g up to 2 kHz

20g up to 2 kHz

Sensor wires

the blue wire is center tap

primary: brown yellow, sec1: black green, sec2: blue red

 LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3


HTD series displacement sensor is designed for measuring the valve travel of steam turbine unit. It cooperates with oil motion monitor and has the functions of remote indication, alarm and constant current output of valve travel. 

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LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3

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LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3

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LVDT displacement sensor HTD-100-3