Rotation Speed Measurement

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Measurement of the rotation speed of the machine, has become a must be carried out by standard procedures, speed value display is an important parameter for the steam turbine start-up, shutdown and stable operation and vibration value and the rotation speed of the machine on the relationship between the final analysis of the performance of the machine is very important.

In the process of machine stop, speed decreases suddenly, mean that there is a large metal friction touch inside the machine. And zero speed is preset shaft rotation speed, when the machine to stop running, the machine speed to zero speed set point, relay contact action, make the barring gear meshing, the shaft continued slow rotation, to prevent the bending of the shaft to avoid in the ensuing drive damage caused by shaft bending machine.




DF9012 DF9011
MMS6312 HZQS-02A





Turbine Rotation speed measurementTurbine Rotation speed measurement



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