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The eccentricity of the rotor position, also called axial radial location, eccentric measurement can be used to as bearing wear, and the add load state(if not) an indicator; The rotor in the bearing radial average position, in a shaft without the normal operation of the internal and external load, shaft under the action of a hydraulic damping, the design to determine the position of the float, but once the machine under certain external or internal additive loads, the eccentric shaft neck will appear inside the bearing,  its size is represented by the eccentricity of the peak to peak.





Eccentricity Monitor MMS6210 Eccentricity Monitor MMS6220
Eccentricity Sensor PR6423/000-001-CN Eccentricity Sensor PR6423/000-021
Eccentricity Sensor PR6423/019-000 Eccentricity Probe PR6423/000-040+CON021
Eccentricity Probe PR6423/010-010 Eccentricity Monitor DF2042





Steam turbine EccentricitySteam turbine Eccentricity




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