Axial Displacement

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Axis in operation, due to various factors, such as load, temperature change can make the shaft in axial movement. The possible of dynamic and static friction between the rotor and stator, so need a sensor to measure the change of the rotor axial position relative to the stator, namely: the clearance between the shaft and the thrust bearing. Due to the monitor the sensor failure as the axial displacement fault and sends out the alarm signal, which may cause the unit fault shutdown.





Axial Displacement CWY-DO-20T08-M10*1-C-00-03-50K

Axial Displacement Proximitor CWY-DO-810800-50-09-02

Axial Displacement Proximitor CWY-DO-810800-50-09-02-01

Axial Displacement Transmitter JX5111-02-50

Axial Displacement Monitor MMS6210

Axial Displacement Probe PR6424/010-030

Axial Displacement Transmitter TM302-A00-B00-C00-D00-E00-F00-G00

Axial Displacement Transmission Protector TM302-A00-B00-C00-D00-E00-F00-G01

Axial Displacement Transmission Protection Table TM302-A01-B00-C00-D00-E11-F00-G00






Turbine Axial DisplacementTurbine Axial Displacement




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