Differential Expansion

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Expansion is the relative thermal growth between the rotor and the cylinder, when the difference between the thermal growth is more than the allowable clearance, it may produce friction. In the process of start-up and shutdown, due to the quality of rotor and cylinder, the different coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient, heat dissipation, the rotor's thermal expansion and the expansion of the cylinder is not the same, in fact, the rotor temperature rise faster than the cylinder temperature, difference of the thermal growth if it exceeds the allowed movement tolerance clearance, there will be friction, which may cause an accident. So the purpose of monitoring the difference is to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the unit before the friction is produced.





Differential Expansion Monitor MMS6210

High Pressure Cylinder Expansion Probe PR6424/000-030

Differential Expansion Sensor and Proximitor PR6426/000-030

Differential Expansion Sensor PR6426/000-131

Differential Expansion Sensor PR6426/010-000

Differential Expansion Probe PR6426/010-010

Differential Expansion Sensor PR6426/010-040

Differential Expansion Sensor PR6426/010-110

Differential Expansion Sensor 330851-02-000-050-90-00-05






Differential ExpansionDifferential Expansion




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