Thermal Expansion

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Due to heat in the process of steam turbine on the cylinder expansion, if uneven expansion will make the cylinder helical or cock, the deformation will make great stress between cylinder and base, resulting in the misalignment phenomenon, and this phenomenon, and this phenomenon, usually caused by the sliding pin system "jam" .The expansion ratio of the rotor and the cylinder can be determined by determining the expansion and expansion of the cylinder. The iron core of the LVDT sensor is connected with the cylinder. When the expansion is expanded, the iron core is moving, and the electric signal is generated.




DEC developed a dedicated to measure the thermal expansion of the monitoring expansion instrument DF9032, the monitor using TD-2 thermal expansion sensor. With high measurement accuracy, easy to debug, easy to maintain, linear and good characteristics, a large number of use in the 125MW, 135MW, 200MW, 300MW, 600MW units.





Turbine Thermal ExpansionTurbine Thermal Expansion



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