Sealing Oil System

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Sealing oil system of generators provides sealing oil with pressure slightly higher than hydrogen pressure for the sealing bearings, to avoid hydrogen inside the generator leaking from where the shaft extends. After getting into the sealing bearing, the sealing oil goes through the gap between bearing and shaft, outflows from two sides of the shaft (produces hydrogen-side oil return and gas-side oil return), then forms a sealing recalculate at the gap to prevent the hydrogen from leaking.


Main equipments of 600MW Generator sealing oil system:

· Sealing Oil Pump
· Differential Pressure Valve
· Sealing Oil Filter
· DN80 Floating Ball Valve for Vacuum Tank
· DN40 Floating Ball Valve for Vacuum Tank
· Vacuum Pump 30-WS
· Circulating Pump HSND280-46N
· Seal Oil Enlargement Slot
· Air Extract Slot




Sealing Oil Pump Differential Pressure Regulating Valve
Sealing Oil Filter Vacuum Oil Purifier Device (Vacuum Tank, Vacuum Pump and Circulating Pump)
Float Tank Sealing Oil Enlargement Slot
Air Extract Slot Sealing Ring





Sealing Oil Filters:

Sealing Oil Filters Sealing Oil Filter HCY0212FKP39H
Sealing Oil Filter HCY0212FKT39H
Sealing Oil Pump Outlet Filter MKW28AT001
Oil Filter HH8314F40KTXAM1


Pumps for Sealing Oil System:

sealing oil pump Sealing Oil Pump HSND280-46N
Sealing Oil Pump HSNH80Q-46NZ
Sealing Oil Pump HSNH440Q2-46NZ
Sealing Oil Pump ACG070K7NVBP
Sealing Oil Vacuum Pump 30-WS
Sealing Oil Vacuum Pump KZ/100WS
Vacuum Pump Reducer M02225.OBMCC101.5A
Vacuum Pump Mechanical Seal P-2811


Valves for Sealing Oil System:

Sealing Oil Relief Valve Sealing Oil Relief Valve 98H-109
Sealing Oil Tank Ball Float Valve DN80
Sealing Oil Tank Ball Float Valve DN40
Ball Float Valve FY-40
Ball Float Valve 1A173
Ball Float Valve 1A3246
Ball Float Valve 1A424
Ball Float Valve PY-40
Ball Float Valve BYF-80
Sealing Oil Differential Valve 977HP

Ball  Float Valve BYF-80Sealing Oil Relief Valve


Other Components for Sealing Oil System:

Oil Water Alarm

Oil Water Alarm OWK-2


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