Stator Cooling Water System

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China Generator Stator Cooling Water System Spare Parts





Iron loss and copper loss occurs when generators are working, which causes temperature rising in the core and coil. To slow down the aging of coil’s insulating strength, its temperature must be restrained within a limitation. Any heat produced in the core and coil must be taking away timely for temperature control. Normal cooling methods include air cooling, hydrogen cooling and water cooling. As air cooling is less effective, large generators often use hydrogen cooling and water cooling.


Generator stator cooling water is the equipment in thermal power plants that has the highest requirements for cooling water quality. Normally, the pH value of the cooling water for the stator and rotor is 7-9, and the water hardness is<10 μ G/L, stator cooling water conductivity ≤ 1.5 μ S/cm, rotor cooling water conductivity ≤ 5 μ S/cm. The cooling water quality of the generator stator and rotor is both demineralized water or condensed water, and the pipes used in the system are all stainless steel pipes.


In the cooling water system, the cooling water is sent to the condenser through a circulating water pump for heat exchange. After being cooled by the cooling tower, the heated cooling water flows into the water pool at the bottom of the cooling tower, which is then sent by the circulating water pump to the condenser for recycling. The reused cooling water in this cycle is called circulating cooling water. This cooling form is mainly the most primitive traditional cooling method, and the system is relatively simple.


The equipment of the stator cooling water system mainly includes circulating water pumps, cooling water filters, lifting equipment, flushing equipment, hydraulic butterfly valves, isolation butterfly valves, rubber ball cleaning devices, and conveying pipelines. In addition, some designs also include supporting water treatment equipment and mechanical fan equipment.





Stator Water Cooling Pump Water Tank
Plate Cooler Ion Exchanger
Regenerative Heater Water Heater
Backwashing System Trip Water Signal Device





Stator Cooling Water SystemStator Cooling Water SystemStator Cooling Water SystemStator Cooling Water System






Stator Cooler AWE630-1.2-100-3.4/19-21 Stator Cooler Electric Heater JHG03-LYY-380V/6KW
Stator Cooler Electric Heater JHG03SZ-38/6KW/A12*1500*2 Stator Cooling Water Temperature Control Valve 125ZX016L
Stator Cooler Filter SL-12/50 Stator Cooler Filter WFF-125-1
Stator Cooler Filter WFF-150-1 Stator Cooler Filter SGLQ-1000A
Stator Cooler Filter SGLQ-600A Stator Cooler Filter MSL-125
Stator Cooler Filter 60-C Stator Cooler Conductivity Probe 2401B
Stator Cooler Conductivity Meter 2402B  



Stator Cooling Water Pump:

Stator Cooling Water Pump 50-250C Stator Cooling Water Pump 65-250A
Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250B Stator Cooling Water Pump DFB100-65-260
Stator Cooling Water Pump DFB100-80-250 Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ65-250A
Stator Cooling Water Pump DFB100-80-230 Stator Cooling Water Pump DFB80-80-240



Spare parts of above pumps and valves:
Mechanical seal, coupling, coupling cushion, seals, pump shaft, impeller, bearing, framework oil seal, diaphragm.


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